In keeping with our vision and mission, St. Paul's seminary aims at forming priests after the heart of the eternal high priest. Our spiritual programmes are thus tailored to ensure that the future priest stays connected to Jesus. The seminarians are consequently made to undertake a number of spiritual exercises to that effect.
A day in the seminary is started with lauds, followed by minutes of private meditation and the celebration of the Eucharist. When noon falls, the seminary community breaks for the midday prayer. An hour of spiritual reading precedes the communal vespers. 

On Monday evenings, prior to the praying of vespers, the spiritual director holds a general spiritual conference with the seminarians. The rector does same on Thursday evenings.
Whereas the philosophy students are encouraged to pray the compline privately, the spiritual year seminarians pray it together at the close of the day.

On Sunday evenings, vespers takes place amidst Eucharistic adoration and benediction. Holy hour is observed on first Thursdays of every month and the Divine Mercy chaplet is prayed with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and benediction every Friday. 
Aside all these, the oratory is opened 24/7 to afford seminarians the great opportunity to pay periodical visits to in the most Holy sacrament.

Every seminarian has a personal spiritual director with whom he holds frequent sessions. The seminarian is encouraged to journey with the spiritual director in full trust and confidence. He is expected to pour out his soul on the director and expect to be helped to stand on his feet in the future.

A number of devotional societies operate in the seminary and seminarians are encouraged to join one or the other society.

The entire spiritual year programme is designed to fashion the seminarian into becoming a spiritual priest, well cut out for the purposes of the New Evangelisation. The intensive reading of the scriptures, the courses in spirituality and prayer life, the bouts of lessons on the sacred liturgy, and ample room given to the spiritual year seminarians to research into matters of faith and the priestly vocation are all meant to polish their feet and make them beautiful on the mountain as they bear the Word of God in the future.


At the end of the day, seminarians of St. Paul's catholic seminary are formed to be spiritually balanced individuals. 

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