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About St. Paul's Catholic Seminary

St. Paul's Catholic Seminary is primarily a formation centre. Its aim is to form priests after the heart of Christ. It does so through spiritual, pastoral, human and intellectual formation. 

Its academic focus is on the study of philosophy. It however introduces seminarians to Sociology, Scriptures, Liturgy, Human Development, Spiritual Theology, Languages and Computer Science.

The first year in St. Paul's is the Spiritual Year. It is a year set apart for discernment and spiritual growth. The three subsequent years are meant for philosophical, sociological and biblical studies. The three year philosophy course is destined for a BA degree in philosophy. 

St. Paul's is affiliated to the university of Ghana. It is in the process of obtaining further affiliation with a Pontifical University soon. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to form spiritually and materially well fashioned priests for the service of their various dioceses, religious congregations and the universal church. Ours is the mission of raising priests who are poised to bring God's flock to greener pastures.

The formators, in close collaboration with the Governing Council and other agents of formation, including the seminarian himself, stand on the basis of the four pillars of formation to execute this mission.

Spiritually, the seminarian, through Spiritual Direction and other spiritual exercises provided by the seminary is led into an internal dialogue with his Maker. He is encouraged to stay connected with God in order to cultivate a deep relationship with God.

In human formation, the seminarian is formed to cultivate the capacity to relate to others in selfless love.

Intellectually, the seminarian's three-year study of philosophy and other related courses lays a solid foundation for his future study of theology. Courses in the seminary are so synthesised as to enable the seminarian appreciate their organic unity and to integrate them in his life.

In pastoral formation, the seminary's programs are geared toward getting the seminarian to appropriate in his person, a sense of service in his mission of "authority" in community. He is formed to be true a shepherd.

Our Vision

To form priests after the heart of Jesus, the Eternal High Priest.







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The Governing Council

The Governing Council of the Seminary is constituted by the Archbishops and Bishops of the ecclesiastical provinces of Cape Coast, Accra and Kumasi.Together, they exercise overall supervision of the running of the Seminary (Canon259.1). They are responsible for the approval of the seminary formation program (Canon 243). The Council oversees the implementation of the formation program (Canon 259. 2). They meet at least once a year to submit the Rector’s approved report on the Seminary to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. They take turns to visit the Seminary each semester (Canon 259, 2). They ensure that the Seminary is adequately staffed and funded (Canon 263). In keeping with Canon 263, the Governing Council, reviews all fees, salaries, allowances, and expenses of the seminary.