Journey to Bethlehem 2023

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About The Event

Introducing “Journey to Bethlehem” 2023.

A Harmonious Call for Glory to God on High and Peace to His People on Earth

In a world plagued by conflict and division, where the promises of peace have been shattered, and the light of hope seems to flicker, a Pre-Christmas Carol event emerges with a profound purpose: to promote peace and inspire support for the formation of future priests as peacemakers and peace ambassadors.

“Journey to Bethlehem” is not just an ordinary Christmas concert; it is a transformative experience designed to touch the hearts and minds of all who attend. This event aims to rekindle the spirit of peace and togetherness that Christmas represents, reminding humanity of its collective responsibility to build a more harmonious world.

The event will feature a mesmerizing choir composed of talented voices from St. Paul’s Catholic Seminary coming together in perfect harmony. Their enchanting melodies will resonate through the concert hall, weaving a tapestry of unity and fostering a shared sense of purpose. Each song performed will be carefully chosen to deliver a powerful message of peace, love, and reconciliation.

The musical performances will be interlaced by a thought-provoking speech by Most Rev. John K. Louis, our Guest of Honor. This inspiring individual will share his wisdom and insights, emphasizing the importance of cultivating peace in our lives and communities. He will highlight the transformative role that future priests can play as peacemakers, bridging divides and fostering understanding among different cultures, religions, and ideologies.

Moreover, “Journey to Bethlehem” will serve as a platform to raise awareness and solicit support for the formation of future priests dedicated to the pursuit of peace. The event will partner with Christ’s Faithful, committed to nurturing individuals who aspire to become peacemakers and peace ambassadors within their religious communities and the broader world. Attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to these initiatives through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering, enabling the development of a new generation of priests focused on building a peaceful future.

By blending the power of music, passages from Scripture, an inspiring speech, and a call to action, this year’s event seeks to ignite a spark of hope in the hearts of all who participate. It aims to remind humanity that peace is not an elusive dream but an achievable reality and that each person can become an agent of positive change in the world.

As the concert concludes, attendees will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, carrying the melodies of peace in their hearts. They will be inspired to embrace the Christmas spirit year-round and actively contribute to creating a world where wars, poverty, and dissension are replaced by compassion, understanding, and lasting harmony.

“Journey to Bethlehem” is not just an event; it is a movement, a catalyst for change. Together, let us raise our voices in harmony, transcend boundaries, and strive for a future where peace reigns supreme.


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